Q. Are you part of Leica Camera AG?

A. No. Cinescope Optics are in no way affiliated with Leica Camera AG. Cinescope Optics are an independent lens rehousing manufacturer. Like all the other rehousing companies around the world offering a similar service, we simply take the old discontinued Leica R lens and remake them via our manufacturing partners TLS and adapt them for use with modern day cameras, for the demands of the new digital filming age.

Q. What is so good about Cinescope Optics ‘Rehoused’ Leica R’s

A. Cinescope Optics ‘rehoused’ Leica R’s are engineered and designed the world leaders in cinema conversion lenses TLS (True Lens Services). Their specially designed cam system is second to none. All Cinescope Optics are vigorously tested at the TLS HQ to ensure they can withstand the rigours of a modern filmset. We take quality very seriously and work with the very best, to deliver the very best.

Q. Their are other Leica R lenses on the market for cheaper. Why should we buy Cinescope’s rehoused lenses?

A. We stand by are opinion that Cinescope Optics ‘rehoused’ Leica R lenses are the best Leica R converted / rehoused lenses on the planet! It is difficult to price compare, as their is no other Leica R conversion quite like it. The long term investment and value of these lenses, not to mention the lucrative rental potential is worth a considerable amount more than other Leica R conversions currently on the market. You get what you pay for!

Q. How long does a set take to deliver ?

A. The delivery schedule can fluctuate between anything from 2 months to 6 months depending on international order volume. In some special cases we can loan lens sets ahead of customer delivery for any upcoming projects.

Q. Can i send my own lenses in to be converted?

A. Yes! However, if you have any existing Leica R lenses, we are happy to purchase these from you at market value and depending on the condition, you can use this as a discount in the purchase of your new Cinescope Optics rehoused lenses. In some rare occasions we may consider allowing you to supply your own glass if you have cherry picked a set. Please speak to the sales team for more information. [email protected]

Q. Can I get finance?

A. We accepts finance via most international finance companies. Please enquire for more details.