About Us

Cinescope Optics is an optics lens company based in London England, specialising in the cinema conversion of vintage movie and stills lenses for todays demanding and ever changing international film industry.


True Lens Services

The companies marquee rehousing project is the conversion of the Leica R lens, which is hugely popular in both the photography stills and motion picture industry.

In order for Cinescope to achieve this, it had to team up with the very best. This is how the relationship was born with the world renowned TLS, (True Lens Services).

set of our lovely Full Frame Cinescope Leica Rs

Highest Quality

All Cinescope lenses are designed and engineered by TLS, bringing you a fusion of truly beautiful cinematic solutions from concept to creation.

Cinescope Optics are so confident with the quality of our lens conversions, that we are also including 1 mechanical TLS service after 12 months at no additional cost. All lenses include standard 12 months warranty on all TLS mechanics and parts.